Manage Project Global Fonts


Update once, apply all.


Global fonts are important because it helps to standardize your font usage throughout the entire project. You can pick up to 2 font type for each project and it comes with 12 combinations to fit into your design requirements. These font options will be made available in XTOPIA Editor when you are creating your pages.

Any change on the fonts will automatically be updated throughout your entire project.



  1. Choose your project (this step is only available for users with multiple projects).
  2. Click on “Settings” on the dashboard.
  3. Select “Font” on the left panel.
  4. To change font family:
    • Select a font of your choice from the dropdown list.
    • You can choose up to 2 font types for project.
  5. To update project font combinations:
    • Choose your view mode (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile).
    • Select a font choice (Primary / Secondary).
    • Set font size and line height.
    • Repeat this step for different view modes.
  6. Click “Apply” on bottom right when done.

- The default line height is 1.
- Preview shows the actual size of the font.
- Any combinations which are in use will be indicated in the settings.
- Updating the font family will automatically update all combinations with the same font category (Primary / Secondary).
- It is advisable to start by choosing the font family before setting up the view modes.

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