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What Causes Users To Leave Your Website?
One of the key success factor of a website is its ability to keep your users engaged. There are 3 things you need to avoid in order to retain your users and increase pageviews. Here are the factors.

Poorly-Designed Navigation
If a user is having trouble navigating through your website, most likely they will leave after a try or two. Users have very short span of attention. It is important to get it right on the first attempt. This helps to build positive impression towards your brand.

My Mesra website is designed with a mega dropdown menu to ease the navigation experience.


Poor Readability
Always consider which is the most commonly used device your users are using to enter your website. Optimise the experience by providing content in good reading size. Use of whitespace is important because the last thing you want to do is to suffocate your users.


Responsive website for PlaTCOM Venture’s Dengue Challenge 2015


Too Many Call-To-Actions
Providing too many buttons and links in a page causes users to go confused and potentially drives them away because they are distracted. De-clutter your landing pages by focusing on a maximum of three call-to-actions. This helps users to feel more in control while they browse through your website.

Asian Institute of Finance Website Revamp Project with usability in mind.

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