Adding Dynamic CSS

Step 01
Insert the settings you wish to allow user to change under dynamic CSS. For example, Color.
Step 02
When naming your CSS please include aps-****-so-wrapper-[instance_id] (replace **** with your SO number). [instance_id] with be replace by the system when the smart object is being used. This is to make the smart object unique so that the settings changes only applies to it only. If another smart object of the same kind is being used, it can has it's own setting.
Step 03
Before clicking on the generate button, make sure to use breakdowned CSS property and CSS values are all ended with semicolon(;)
Step 04
Click on the generate button and a list of CSS setting will be generated. Fill in the name of the setting(for reference). Then save the page.
Step 05
To enable the setting to be used, please follow the step in Creating a Smart Object (PART 4/4 Arrange Settings) Here.

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