Creating a Smart Object (Part 2/4 Adding Setting)

Next we will move on to adding settings to our smart object.

Step 01
In the HTML Box, highlight the areas you want to set as a setting for users to change in editor. 
Step 02
Then click on the generate button below the HTML box.
Step 3
The settings will be generated on a table which has a few column, Name, Variable Type, Control Type, Default Value.
  • Name - Name of this setting
  • Variable Type - Type of setting, CSS Class Name, HTML Attribute Value, HTML Text Value
    • CSS Class Name - Changing CSS Class to have different layout
    • HTML Attribute Value - Values which are within a HTML Tag <a href="[URL]">Text</a>
    • HTML Text Value - Values which are NOT within a HTML Tag <a href="[URL]">[Text]</a>
  • Control Type - This will determine what kind of control will be shown on the editor to change the setting
  • Default Value - The default value that will be set as user start to use this smart object

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