Row Layout - Image or Background Image

Scenario 1/2
You have created 2 column, column one has an image object and column two has a text object.
Scenario 2/2
While inserting text, you notice that second column is growing higher but your image is not extending. 
To create a layout that image will extend base on the text length from the other column, these are the ways to do it.
Step 01
Remove the image from the first column, then select column setting General > Background > Add Background Image.

Step 04
Click on the folder icon and select the image for your background in column one.

Result 1
As you can see the original image is big and the main focus in the image is off. There are some settings that you can change to fix this issue.

Step 5
Go to image setting, change the setting "Size" to "Cover". This would have the image fit into the space of the column.

Result 2
This is the end result. Notice that there is a semi transparent icon. That is an indication that the column does not has any object within it.

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