Stacking Object

Wanting to place text over image? Want to stack image over another image? Here is a example of how to stack objects together. We will use a text object and an image object as an example to create the layout shown below.


Step 01
Drop text object and image object into the same column
Step 02
Check your column position setting under Properties > Arrangement > Position is set to relative
Step 03
Select text object and change some settings:
  • Position: absolute
  • Top:50%
  • Left:50%
  • Z-index:5
Result 1
The object is now place almost to the center middle of the space. The position is calculated from the top left of the text object. We will have to shift the position to the center of the text object.
Step 4
Look for Properties > Transform setting for the text object and input "translate(-50%,-50%)" to position the text object in the center.
Result 2
Now the text object is in the middle center.

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